Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why Buckden Manor?

Buckden manor (now known as Buckden Towers) was the residence of choice for Robert Grosseteste, when he was bishop of Lincoln (r. 1235-1253). He appears to have spent a lot of time there, where he may have worked on his many translation projects and theological writings while he was bishop. He also spent his last days there. So Buckden manor holds a special place for me as a Grosseteste scholar. Buckden Manor also reminds me that all theological writing has to be located in specific geographic, historical, social and institutional coordinates.

Most of the bishop's palace was destroyed in the sixteenth century, but the building's footprints are still visible and there is still a medieval tower. Today, Buckden Towers is primarily a Catholic retreat center, but also a tourist site. The village of Buckden is located in Cambridgeshire, about 25 miles north west of Cambridge.

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